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Original photo wall decorations

How to make the interior took on a more personal character? Decorate them with your pictures! You can do this more classically, ie in the frame. You can also and compose a few frames on the entire wall – it usually looks very good and there are plenty of such examples. But I would like to show other remarkable ways to prepare home gallery. Just frame, cord and clips. Or pins, hooks in the wall and cord. Curious as it looks? Below are some examples, and more you can find here.

galeria zdjec foto fotogaleria photo gallery unique wyjatkowa niebanalna oryginalna

Photogallery on a branch? Why not! []

aledruciak mapa galeria gallery foto photo oryginalna oryginal

On a map from aledruciak you can mark all your great travels []

foto galeria zdjecia oryginalnie niebanalnie instagram

Variety in a frame []

instagram photo zdjecia galeria ciekawe

Stick, string and pictures and it’s ready! []

staircase gallery photo schody foto galeria zdjecia korek

Change whenever you like []

photo gallery galeria zdjec dekoracja na sciane

Simple []



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