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Before you design: kitchen furniture

What mistakes to avoid when planning the renovation or finishing off yout new apartment? I decided to prepare a series of articles on basic tips regarding apartment design. I will try to pay attention to the features of the furniture and interior design that you should think about before you start working. The style and character of the interiors I put aside – this is a separate, huge topic. Today, at first glance: kitchen furniture.

  • show what you have inside – before you commision a furniture design or plan your furniture from scratch, think how much storage space you need. Are you a fan of handmade pottery or you have at home all the tea shop? Tell the architect or furniture designer about it. Heavier stuff and ceramics are better to keep below or at the height of the hands – it’s easier to pull them out. Spices – in close proximity to the oven. Think about where you keep food processors – I know from experience that if they are in a difficult to access place, the less likely they are used. So if you love cream soup, keep your blender in a cupboard at hand, not near the ceiling.
  • for a moment or forever – materials and quality fittings makethe price of furniture. If you want furniture for a while, because you like to change the appearance of the apartment, or you prepare a flat to rent – choose cheaper materials. But if you care about quality and sustainability, invest in good fittings and materials: glass, wood, painted or veneered fronts and countertops of stone, corian or solid wood.
  • say YES to the drawers – drawers are a great way of storing things in the kitchen. They use the entire surface of the tabletop and it’s easy to reach even for those things which are kept most deeply. I would definitely recommend drawers! The only minus is that they are more expensive than regular open cabinet (good fitting and mechanisms cost). But the functional benefits far outweigh this small financial downside.
  • kitchen heavy user vs Sunday cook – if you often cook in the kitchen plan a lot of worktop. Most of frying operations carried out on the counter between the sink and stove, so try to make this piece allow for comfortable work. If your kitchen is large enough, it is a good idea to make the island, which allows the simultaneous work of several people.
  • open or closed – think about whether you love to have the bare essentials at hand or you want to expose ceramics and glass. If so, envision in your project open shelves or rails with hooks. If, however, you like everything kept in closets and you want to always reigned in the kitchen visual order, do not let yourself be talked into open shelves or glazing in the door – it will irritate you by its chaotic look and dust collecting.
  • bright and brighter – the kitchen should be well and evenly illuminated. In addition to the ceiling lights you should think about lighting over the worktop – there can be points under wall-mounted cupboards or a led tape. If you are not on top of cabinets and shelves can also suspend the ceiling lights on long cords. Lighting countertop definitely makes working in the kitchen much easier!

Here you can see a few exaples of good kitchen solutions. More here.

kitchen furniture open shelves

Open shelves in the kitchen – must have or a nightmare? []

kitchen furniture shelves classic open

Open shelves make a good decor]

kitchen tips furniture design

All neat and clean – for those who love the order! []

kitchen lightning countertop design

Inspiring countertop lightning []

tiles kitchen furniture

Simple furniture does not mean a boring kitchen – tiles make the look [design: KowalczykGajda; tiles: Purpura;]

drawers kitchen furniture

Drawers help to organize your storage [Divine Kitchens]

drawers kitchen furniture

Definitely YES to the drawers! []


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