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Branding for microbakery Pochlebstwo along with  leaflet, menu etc. Photographs courtesy of Pochlebstwo.
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Logo design for a photographer. Photograph courtesy by Mimookiem
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Logo for herbal and medical store is designer in earth tones. Gray and ocher are the colors of nature, which corresponds with products sold in the shop. In addition, simple typography is enriched with a graphic element inspired by herbs.
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Logo for Pro-lease, dealing with leasing and loans, is evocative of a good and reliable partner. Taurus refers to the symbol of the stock exchange, and colors tell about unconventional approach to finance. The graphic symbol distinguishes itself from the other financial institutions.
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People of Israel

Logo design for the project People of Israel, what aim to capture the mentality of contemporary Israelis. The logo refers to the symbol of the Star of David, and its shape evokes the image of various people standing in a circle.
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